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Ben stared in concern and confusion as the limp body of his twin tumbled into him, moaning his name. Ben had caught him, before he fell any further, under his arms. Gwen stared at the cloud of mist, only being able to see slight wisps of silhouettes.
"Ben?! What happened! Are you ok!?" She called out, almost pleading that the collapsed shadow wasn't her beloved cousin. The reply that came startled her.
"Gwen help! Something's wrong with Albedo!" the brunette called through the thick fog.  The red eyed boy was silent, all except his labored breathing. To Ben's concern it almost seemed as if the silver haired boy melted into hero's hold on him, making him blush slightly.
Gwen came running though the thick mist. As she approached the two her green eyes never even glanced at the clone, only at Ben, who noticed this and motioned her to look at him to see if he was ok.
"Common Gwen, he's hurt, see what's wrong? Please!" worry tinted his voice. Still no matter what anybody did to him, he could never hate a soul, his soul was truly made of love. Gwen sighed at her overly compassionate relative and proceeded to look at the other boy.
She came up with an odd reason, his rib cage had been crushed, explaining his issue with the breathing. The two had to admit the copy looked somewhat harmless in his unconsciousness, his face calm and pale.
"We gotta help him, please. I can't just let someone die." Ben pushed onto his cousin, his eyes pleading for her to help. She eventually nodded.
Ben lifted his twin, one arm under the knees and the other wrapped around his shoulders. Albedo's head hung forward into Ben's chest, resting in the soft material of his black t-shirt. He made a slight moan as Ben tried shifting his head off of his chest, his face flushing.
They made it to Kevin's car, who turned around battle ready, in case Albedo won, but was surprised at what he saw instead.
"Kevin, the nearest hospital. Now." Gwen said to the wide eyed raven.
"Whoa, wait wha? Why are we helping that bastard? Didn't he just try to kill Ben a couple days ago?" Kevin asked, remembering Vilgax's sinking ship and how Albedo teamed up with him to destroy Ben.
"Yah but."Ben trailed off. "He's hurt, I can't just leave him. His call was for help, and it was real, his rib cage is busted. If we don't hurry he'll die." Ben said, his voice ragged.
"Him dying just makes the world a lot of better Ben." He countered, but then he saw the look in his hero friend's face. It was soft. He shivered at how the green eyed boy just radiated warmth, even at a distance. He wondered of anyone could hate him. "Ok fine we'll take him to the plumber's hospital. It's better we do that, besides it's closer." He gave in.
The team got into the prized green camaro and drove off towards the nearest plumber base.

WHOOP! You should knooooow u want to. Yah this is gonna get diiiiirty!
a cute Fic about Ben X Albedo
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